Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 4+5, 2015: More Journal Pages

Hey everyone, I'm back with a couple more day's worth of creativity!

Today's post is an excellent example of how sometimes when you're in the process of making things daily, you will like certain pieces more than other. This journal page is a good example of something I really enjoy. 

There's actually a bit more depth to it than you can really see, as I got to a point where I painted over almost everything with white paint. In certain areas I pulled the color back up to reveal some of the original background, but for the most part it was entirely redone.

I like the bright colors of this page, and how they don't really merge together as much as some of my other pages do. Each color stands on it's own, and though there is a bit of blending, it's nothing too extreme. Personally I also enjoy the geometric shapes this page has as a part of it- hearts and circles are pretty much my favorite things to use.

Speaking of the heart, there's actually a funny story about that. I was looking at my page, using the prompt intuition. There was some tissue paper next to me, and I grabbed it thinking I wanted to collage it onto the page. When I ripped a piece off, it was in the shape of the heart, and I just went with it. Thus incorporating the prompt even further.

For me, this page isn't quite as enjoyable as the previous one. I don't think it looks terrible, but there's just something about it that bothers me. The prompt I used was numbers, and there are several ways that I incorporated that.

One, I used some number stamps in the background. The mustard color is currently my favorite color, and I'm currently looking for more combinations that I can experiment with it in. Then, I used a stencil and some white paint to get more numbers of a different style. Then I used the same stamps in a different color (red, if it isn't obvious), to put the '2015' title.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of this page, I do really enjoy this one section. I'm not sure what it is, but there's a possibility that it's the splatters. They were completely unintentional, created when I was trying to dissolve the pastels that the borders were made with. I got too much water on my brush and flung it to the side.

There's a possibility that I'll continue work on this page in the future, masking off the areas that I enjoy and working on top of it. We'll see what happens.

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